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Image by Steve Krug via @krugstudios

There's Beauty in the unseen

Step into a world of hidden moments and intriguing beauty. Where the pine-scented stillness is broken only by the sound of a crackling fireplace. Where the lush forest meets the shore of a sparkling clear lake. And where a winding path leads to places unseen.

This is pure Canadian wilderness distilled.

Profoundly Unique

Where to find our spirits

Currently available in Ontario at select LCBOs.


No. 11 Gin Rhubarb Sour
No. 12 Vodka - Cranberry Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe
Ever Gin Sugar Shack
No. 11 Gin - Fat Washed Martini Cocktail Recipe

No. 11 GIN

A fresh and fragrant, smooth-bodied gin infused with evocative forest aromas from wild-foraged Canadian botanicals. It hits the palate with loads of bright, layered citrus and a hint of lush berry, then rounds out to warm spice and complex woodsy flavours, ending with a crisp juniper finish. Enjoy neat or in a cocktail.

No. 12 Vodka

This unique, crystal clear vodka, is locally crafted from distilled sugar cane and purified maple sap water. In the glass, its fresh, clean aroma, leads to a smooth, silky mouthfeel and lingering hint of sweetness on the palate. Enjoy ice cold neat, or let it shine in simple cocktails.


A unique gin liqueur crafted from juniper, wild-foraged Canadian botanicals and dark maple syrup. Seductive aromas of toffee, woodsy forest and fragrant evergreen. Flavours of earthy spice with vanilla-caramel and fresh pine notes. Unlike anything you’ve ever tasted, yet highly evocative of the beloved Canadian wilderness.

No. 33 GIN

A beautifully complex gin crafted from 33+ botanicals – the perfect marriage of exotic spice and Canadian wilderness. Clean, fresh juniper on the nose leads to a sensational blend of flavours on the palate – layered citrus, lush berry, herbaceous, spicy and woodsy notes in a harmony that is more than the sum of its parts.

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