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Laneway Distillers’ spirits are for those who are inspired by the rich beauty of Canada’s land. For those who appreciate quality and luxury. And for those who are looking for something a little different.

Fine ingredients, unique experience

At Laneway, we use natural botanicals foraged from across Canada’s 10 million square kilometers of terroir.

Each sip of our spirits takes you on a journey – from the quiet, pine-scented stillness of the north, to the rugged, snow-capped mountains and deep, roaring coastal shores – kindling your love for Canada.


Laneway Distillers was founded by two Canadian women with a shared mission to bring the Canadian spirit to the world.

Reagan Soucie and Jessica Chester met in the laneways of Toronto and bonded over a shared love of fine spirits and food. Together, they saw an opportunity to create spirits that embodies the true essence of their home, Canada.

Since then, they’ve spent years crafting the perfect spirits. Backed by a skilled team – including an award-winning Ontario craft distiller, an eighth generation British distiller and some of the finest wild foragers in the country – Laneway’s award-winning spirits are a testament to the dedication of everyone involved.

See for yourself why Laneway’s spirits are as complex and unique as Canada’s landscape.

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