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No. 33 Gin

Woodsy Spice | Lush Botanicals

A beautifully complex gin crafted from 33+ botanicals – the perfect marriage of exotic spice and Canadian wilderness. Clean, fresh juniper on the nose leads to a sensational blend of flavours on the palate – layered citrus, lush berry, herbaceous, spicy and woodsy notes in a harmony that is more than the sum of its parts.


  • Serve over a large, clear ice cube in a thin-brimmed glass to open up its lighter notes and subtleties.
  • Present in a whiskey-tasting glass to concentrate the flavours.
  • Garnished with a twist of flamed citrus peel.
  • Accentuate its sweet side by serving in a crystal glass with an out-turned brim.
  • If served in a cocktail, keep it simple to allow this gin’s beautiful and complex flavours to shine.

Laneway Awards


Currently available in Ontario at select LCBOs.
Contact us for other purchasing options.

No. 33 Gin Mixology

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