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No. 12 Vodka

Crystal Clear | Clean & Fresh

This unique, crystal clear vodka, is locally crafted from distilled sugar cane and purified maple sap water. In the glass, its fresh, clean aroma, leads to a smooth, silky mouthfeel and lingering hint of sweetness on the palate. Enjoy ice cold neat, or let it shine in simple cocktails.


  • Pair it with your favourite soda or tonic for clean, fresh flavour.
  • Enjoy its great taste in even the most delicately-flavoured cocktails.
  • For a naturally-flavoured, summery cocktail, drop in fresh fruit and a splash of simple syrup.
  • Serve on the rocks with a twist of citrus to enhance its natural flavour.

Laneway Awards


Currently available in Ontario at select LCBOs.
Contact us for other purchasing options.

No. 12 Vodka Mixology

no. 12 vodka classic greyhound
No. 12 Vodka - Cranberry Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe

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