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Mixology >> No. 11 Gin >>  fat-washed martini

No. 11 Gin

Fat-washed martini

It sounds like a martini that will magically make you thinner. Sadly, no. But if you like your martinis dirty you will wonder why you weren’t drinking them like this all along. Olive oil and fresh herbs are steeped in the gin and then filtered out – giving your cocktail a green, pungent and savoury hit without the brine.

In a glass container with a lid steep for 24 hours:

  • 450mL Laneway No.11 Gin
  • 50mL high quality cold-pressed olive oil
  • 1 sprig each of fresh rosemary & thyme

Place the container in the freezer for 4-5 hours to solidify the oils. Strain through a sieve, then cheese cloth or a coffee filter to remove the oils and any fine sediment. Store in the fridge and use in your favourite martini recipe. We like ours shaken with ice, then served in a chilled, dry white vermouth-rinsed glass.

Prep Time: 24 hours | Difficulty:

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